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BREATHE “In stillness conflict must end”. Phillip Urso

Rhythm of Change (R.O.C) Belize

Rhythm of Change (R.O.C) Belize is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and implementing activities that bring forth individual, social and environmental changes in our country. R.O.C is proud to be using innovative approaches such as yoga, mindfulness and other forms of wellness to promote peace-building and to mend broken families in order to create better communities in Belize.

All our board members have been positively affected by Yoga and Mindfulness.

  • Michelle A. Williams (Wellness Consultant) – Chairperson

  • Aloma Avilez-Hall (Educator) – Vice Chairperson

  • Greta Martha Williams (Business Owner) – Secretary

  • Tyfara Andazi Panton (Music Industry Professional / Accountant) – Treasurer

  • Jeremy Enriquez (Consultant) – Board Member

  • Faride Ahmad (Business Owner) – Board Member

  • Collin Estrada (Counselor) – Board Member
  • Jaen (Dev Hari Kaur) (Environmental Consultant) – Committee Member
  • Aminata Maraesa (Anthropologist) – Committee Member