Hatha, a dance between the sun and the moon w/ Lola Torres

Nov 1 – 6:00 PM
Nov 2 – 9:00 AM

Hatha, a dance between the sun and the moon within the self, in this series of workshops you will explore
2 aspects of the asana practice the lunar, feminine, meditative, surrendering aspect and the solar masculine resisting
force that creates and energizing effect. A practices that aims to mobilize the two energies Yin and Yang.

Yin Yang is a philosophical principle and term that explains the existence of two opposing but complementary forces (polarities)
that are essential to the universe.The yin associated with the feminine, moon, darkness, passivity and earth; and the yang
linked with the masculine, sun, the light, the active and the sky. Both energies are necessary to maintain balance.

On the1st SESSION we will experience a Yin yoga practice. A a slow, paced and meditative style of yoga where through
deep relaxation and the natural gravity of the body we stay in long term poses.

The 2nd SESSION will be the flights of the Dragon
A fluid and vigorous dance yoga sequence designed by Suzee Grilley wife of Paul Grilley, creator of Yin Yoga,
whose objective is to awaken the 5 elements of the body: WATER through sweat, WIND with breathing, EARTH looking for its roots,
FIRE generating body heat and ETHER thanks to the sound of movement.Hatha, a dance between the sun and the moon

Friday lunar practice and Saturday morning solar, both infused with essential oils to deepen relaxation.


November 1st, Friday Night 6pm
November 2nd, Saturday morning 9am

Investment: $40 each session, $36 for Shanti pass Members