Born in Mexico in 1982 from a French mother and Mexican father, Jaen hasn’t stop traveling since, working and living in both America and Europe. She holds a Master’s Degree in Marine Biology and Ecology and now uses her knowledge in Conservation and Environmental Education, mainly focusing on marine species and ecosystems in the Caribbean, Middle Atlantic and East Atlantic, as well as on invasive species and trash problematics. She is a Dive Master and loves to identify, learn and teach about marine species and interconnections. Jaen has been surrounded by Kundalini Yoga since an early age and started practicing it regularly since 2009 after having suffered from serious chronic back problems. Kundalini Yoga daily practice took her out of this and her interest and dedication to ancient healing techniques has been growing since then, and she is now a Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor and a Reflexology  and Biomagnetism Therapist.