Born in Mexico in 1980, Karla cultivated a spiritual bond with nature from an early age. In 2001 this love for nature inspired her to go deeper to enhance her inner self, so she built a house in the mountains to raise her son.

After a few years in seclusion,  she found a basics of yoga video which began her yoga journey. Eventually Karla journeyed to Rikishesh, India, the birthplace of yoga, and there she was certified to teach.

She now owns Kaltia, a yoga center in Ocoyoacac, Mexico and has taught children’s yoga (ages 6-10) at Valentina Canton Arjona school in Mexico. Karla is proud to have studied yoga anatomy with Kelly Jee Eun Lee, yoga philosophy with Gurav, hatha yoga with Ravi Bisht, Ashtanga yoga with Siddhart, and meditation and mantras with Rajkumari Chauhan at Shiva Yoga Peeth.