Peaceful and Spiritual Yoga for the Body and Soul
Practicing yoga with Michelle is very peaceful and spiritual. Her technique is beautifully unique in that while practicing yoga she helps you to heal your mind and body with her thoughtful and gentle meditation and guidance. I have never experienced this much relaxation and body strengtning yoga techniques at the same time. I have done yoga with different teachers in Miami and Belize and even though I’ve enjoyed it, I always felt as though something was missing. Michelle has a special technique of helping you to relax and and only focus on the present. Because of this I feel as though I am successful at meditation and better flexibility. Yoga with Michelle is truly a blessing.

 ∼ Elda Woods

“During the past five months, I have been fortunate to practice yoga with a great instructor in the person of Michelle Williams of Om Shanti. When I first started, I was skeptical as to whether I could even begin to do the poses, considering my age and medical constraints, but from the very beginning I realized what a dedicated, knowledgeable and warm person she is. She makes one feel welcome, at ease and inspires you to practice yoga, even when not feeling well. I’ve noticed that Michelle is flexible enough to adjust her classes when necessary and she works the room to make everyone feel special in her own subtle way. Best of all, for me, she adjusts the poses that I am unable to do, so that I still gain the benefits. She loves what she is doing – and it shows – and we are lucky to have her as our instructor!”

 ∼ Crystal Vernon

Awesome Class – Since i hadn’t taken yoga classes before, i was a bit anxious going in. Michelle however, greets everyone with open arms and explains (and demonstrates) each pose to new comers, such as myself. Not only does the class help you focus on body strength, but also peace of mind. The classes are very calm, relaxed, and moves at a tranquil pace. After every class you leave feeling relaxed, energized and mentally stronger. If you have the chance, give it a try; it’s worth every minute!

 ∼ Ilona

“Excellent instructor for beginners and all. I’m relatively new to yoga, having started about a year ago. Michelle is a wonderful teacher, and especially so for an older woman (such as myself) starting out. When I began, I really appreciated how quickly I became comfortable in her classes. I also appreciate her attention to any physical concerns I might have and I feel that safety is as important to her as it is to me. But most of all, I just enjoy the classes and am glad that I chose Michelle’s studio as my yoga home.”

 ∼ Debra Lewis

Thanks to Michelle Ashanti Williams and Florence Goldson, at Om Shanti, I’ve found the key to conquering insomnia and feeling balanced and blessed out before sleep. I awoke feeling fabulous. Fabulously fabulous I say. You women are magic. Namaste

 ∼ Lisa Shoman

“Renewal! Personally greeted, welcomed with hugs and smiles! Always encouraged, amazing instructors, clear and precise, abounding patience. Great listeners, perceptive! Uncluttered studio, lots of windows with white billowing curtains. Enchanting, mystical background songs and music.”

 ∼ Pandora Canton

“Amazing, I love this place. The classes are great, the smoothies are delicious and the teachers are so passionate in what they do. Can’t wait to go back for another session!”

 ∼ Inga Bridgette

Really enjoy the atmosphere and the variety of classes offered. There is something for you no matter what your body type is or your physical ability. Instructors are professional and help you to invest and really deletion your practice. Highly recommend!

 ∼ Noah Johnson

“I am so appreciative of Om Shanti for all the opportunities to learn and practice yoga. Since moving to Belize, I’ve taken a number of classes and enjoyed them all. To Michelle and the rest of the Om Shanti team: thank you for providing such a wonderful yoga center with a variety of classes. Can’t wait for early morning ashtanga tomorrow!”

 ∼ Grace Hulseman

“Yoga for healing… Michelle is my yoga instructor and I couldn’t be more happy with her. She has a wealth of knowledge and what she doesn’t know, she researches. She creates an environment that seems to effortlessly encourage comfort and relief. She teaches you with patience, adjusts you when necessary, and encourages you the whole way through. She’s also easy to talk to. You can’t help but feel as if you’re talking to an old friend. I appreciate that I can feel very safe with her. She pays attention. While I’ve tried out pretty much everything in terms of fitness, I am most satisfied with Michelle’ s method. Her approach is holistic and it has been a key ingredient to my healing, as I had incurred a severe injury a few months before I started yoga with Michelle.”

 ∼ Sophia Paz

I love Michelle’s classes! I have been practicing for a little over 10 years, and Michelle’s classes are better than most studios I have gone to in the states. She is a great teacher, and incorporates mental relaxation with vigorous yoga in her Hot Yoga sessions. Not only is it great exercise, but also great stress relief. I also have to admit that her juices are addictive! I get a green juice after every class!

 ∼ Rachael Roe

“I love Om Shanti !This is a unique place in Belize City, with a lot to offer, different types of yoga, meditations, therapies, juices, healthy deserts, etc, and with a nice open hearted environment and people.”

 ∼ Jaen Nieto Amato

My first yoga session was brilliant! I totally enjoyed it and will definitely recommend it. Kathryn was cool and willing to take all the time to assist. If you are reading this stop! Just do it and love it.

 ∼ Gilberto Carlos Perez

“The Best Yoga Teacher in Belize!
So happy to write this review on Michelle. From the very first day of class has been nothing but positive energy, demonstrating a great work out and a fantastic way to start my day. I look forward to doing Yoga with Michelle every week. She is a wonderful yoga teacher. Very peaceful and sweet person. I feel very blessed to be a part of her class.”

 ∼ Rachel Feinstein

“I love Om Shanti !This is a unique place in Belize City, with a lot to offer, different types of yoga, meditations, therapies, juices, healthy deserts, etc, and with a nice open hearted environment and people.”

 ∼ Jaen Nieto Amato

“Best Yoga Studio in Belize! I love Om Shanti Yoga Studio. It has a great spirit of sharing, healing and inspiration. Michelle keeps things interesting by bringing a variety of visiting teachers and hosting specialised workshops in a variety of topics related to holistic healing and yoga practice. Michelle has a big heart that she invests into her studio, her practice and her clientele. Om Shanti is not just a studio. It is a vibrant yoga community.”

 ∼ Marydelene Vasquez

“Amazing people with love In their hearts. A sprout of consciousness in the art of Belize.”

 ∼ Alessandro Giovinazzo

“Michelle is absolutely the best! Received wonderful guidance. The energy is amazing and thanks for totally spoiling me with those cool peppermint towels after class. That and the insanely yummy homemade chocolates!”

 ∼ Seema Narinesingh

“Om Shanti Belize provides an invaluable service to the Belize community. Yoga, mindfulness and healing is incredibly important in these challenging times. Om Shanti offers opportunities to explore these realms in grace and style.”

 ∼ G. Michael Bowen

“Om Shanti was great the massage therapist was fantastic and gentle, the place was clean and welcoming very affordable, would recommend my friends and I will go back again. Great place owner is friendly.”

 ∼ Pamela James