I have travelled the world and been with many private instructors in India. Michelle fits into the top echelon of yoga teachers.

Cafe food is healthy and tasty.

 ∼ Denise Vasquez Cawley

“May your business prosper & raise the vibrations or our Belizean people.”

 ∼ Love and Light .- VEE

May this wonderful oasis give life abundant to all who come. May your life be blessed for all you plant

 ∼ Love Ramon Cervantes

“Approximately three years ago, I started attending the Om Shanti Belize center. And this was the start of my spiritual journey, or more aptly, the awakening of my spiritual self. I have been drawn to this very positive, peaceful, uplifting and inspiring place where I was first introduced to hot yoga and various other types. I fell in love with all her classes I had attended, in particularly, hot yoga as it provided me with both physical and mental benefits – increased flexibility, strength, balance, and toning, and mental focus, awareness and endurance! Michelle not only incorporates meditation in all her classes, but also introduces numerous methods of holistic healing therapies! I attended the integrative breath work and reiki I & II workshops! The knowledge that I have attained and the tools that I am now equipped with have forever impacted my life in the most positive and fulfilling way! I am so grateful to have met Michelle! She is truly an inspiration!”

 ∼ Nicole Salazar

About a year ago I was introduced to hot yoga for the first time at Om Shanti Yoga & Reiki Center. Thanks to Michelle for her vision, her dedication, professionalism & her kindness to share her amazing talent with communities across Belize. After a yoga practice I feel rejuvenated. It’s physically, emotionally & spiritually fulfilling. Highly recommended.

 ∼ Alice Riveroll

“Michelle is an amazing teacher and guide! I was in Belize for vacation and stopped in for a class and I loved it! I left feeling so calm and relaxed!”

 ∼ Holly Schoenke Stein

“The yoga classes that Michelle teaches are physically, emotionally and spiritually fulfilling. The atmosphere and energy are calming and rejuvenating and varying levels means that there’s something there for everyone. If you’re new to yoga or a seasoned yogist, or just looking to try something new, drop by the Om Shanti. You’ll be glad you did!”

 ∼ Julie Robinson

“I started my yoga practice with Michelle last year and am hooked! Om Shanti is a calm and welcoming environment filled with positive energy. Michelle has the gift of being able to work with all levels and challenge you every class. She is so kind and attentive! This is definitely the best place to practice yoga in Belize! Give it a try and your body will thank you”

 ∼ Whitney Arguelles

I’ve done yoga on my own, off and on for a few years. Coming to Om Shanti and getting involved in a professional setting has enhanced my interest in the practice even more. The classes are great and you can go at your own pace. I’ve definitely seen results in just one month.

 ∼ Luanne Daniels

“All the instructors are great, knowledgeable and committed to the practice, in such a friendly and peaceful environment. I also love that we can try many different types of yoga and meditation. And is beautiful to see they are committed to spread the yoga philosophy around communities in Belize. Best place for yoga in Belize.”

 ∼ Marcelle Muniz Barreto

“Best Yoga Studio in Belize! I am so happy that Michelle decided to return to her beautiful homeland, Belize, to share the knowledge of yoga she learnt in India. Yoga with Michelle is truly a combination of mind, body and spirit. She is gentle and,caring with all of us,, making sure we all understand that yoga is not a competition, “progress not perfection”. a wonderful teacher!! I always feel very relaxed yet energized after all her classes, Looking forward to doing aqua yoga also”

 ∼ Greta Martha Williams

I’ve attended several Yoga classes in Belize and I must say, after attending Michelle’s class, it by far outweighs even that of what I was use to in MIAMI. What I enjoyed most is the focus on meditation in the beginning and end of class. She really ensures all holistic aspects are covered. After 10 minutes of meditation, we began HOT YOGA. The positions were so challenging but doable, everyone was at the same pace so she didn’t have to slow down to accommodate students. We went through so many poses in such a short time. I WAS REALLY BUSSING A SWEAT. What I did enjoy most, however, was the final meditation where she aligns your SPIRIT, not just your body. She spreads her positive energy and ensure your negative energies are omitted. The scent of incense burning, the calming feel of the eucalyptus as you inhale, the positive energy that surrounds and the gentle touch guided by her soft hands. I definitely give this an A+ and recommend everyone and anyone to incorporate YOGA into their lives. I’m a body builder and YOGA is so important for my full symmetrical and hollistic growth.

 ∼ Cricel Castillo

“Michelle’s yoga class is a wonderful yoga practice. I always get energy back in her yoga class.”

 ∼ Judy Tang

Thank you so much Michelle for showing me that when I calm my mind I can hold a headstand and crow . Feeling inspired!

 ∼ Racheal Roe

“Om shanti studio, a place to love yourself. Yoga at Om Shanti balances my mind and soul. As I walk into the studio there is a sense of peace. I am a teacher in a high energy environment, and the energy here leaves me feeling refreshed, it leaves me with a feeling that everything is going to be okay. The smoothies are tasty and must have magical properties.”

 ∼ Elda Woods

It is a pleasure to take yoga class with Michelle.

 ∼ Alice Wang

“Excellent classes. Very worthwhile for me. Michelle has made me feel welcomed, motivated and more relaxed.”

 ∼ Melissa Musa

I only recently started my practice at Om Shanti. I am super novice. Well, that is how I describe my practice. I started Ashtanga with Michelle, and Yoga Nidra with Florence Goldson. These really are excellent classes. Each with different peace, calm and strength benefits. I did, for the the first time a Vinyasa last night, very intense but extremely good. I started yoga, because of my anxiety, it is really helping me (especially the ’emptying of the mind space’ and of course the breathing. There is definite benefit in the sankalpas, as a huge party of anxiety, is racing and negative thought circles. I recommend this place.

 ∼ Katie Usher

“Such lovely venue, people and purpose. All the Best. Namaste”

 ∼ Lita and Randine

I started yoga at Om Shanti a month ago and was greeted with warmth and welcoming. I have been taking classes with Michelle and Karla, both excellent and encouraging mentors, who have allowed me to make amazing progress that I didn’t even know I was capable of. I’ve become hooked on yoga again, especially Ashtanga. I look forward to my classes everyday with my fellow yogis who inspire me. You will never regret signing up for yoga at Om Shanti. I feel so much more positive and fulfilled with yoga in my life again.

 ∼ Gliselle Marin

“Michelle provides incredible services at Om Shanti Apart from yoga, she is always looking for different ways to broaden our experiences, e.g. integrative breadth work with Lorraine,introduction to the benefits of essential oils with Debbie. Oh, I can’t forget the healing hands of Jaen. I have been practising Hot yoga at Om Shanti for about 2 years.Once you attend one of these classes you are hooked, line & sinker. Her classes has assisted with strengthening my body, calms my mind & regain my focus. Michelle has all the qualities of a superb instructor, she is a sweet,kind & caring person.Her class begins with 10-12 mins.of meditation,which is so relaxing for the mind & body and prepares us for an intensive & harmonizing workout.Trust me,we always get a very good “sweaty”workout .At times we can’t wait for Savasana .She ends her class with a few mins.of meditation & she always reminds us of the 2 most important things in life “Kindness in your heart & the breath”. Namaste Michelle, continue to be this beautiful soul.Last but not least ,Flo I enjoy yoga Nidra.”

 ∼ Christine Gibson

Michelle and her staff are an amazing group. Loving, caring, wonderful mentors. They are no words to describe how I feel everytime I leave. If you ever get the chance to stop in I encourage you to take a class. You will leave feeling like a new person.

 ∼ Patricia Alfaro

“The Om Shanti experience is a very positive and caring one. Michelle is a professional in her field, and this shows in her expressions of continuous support during the practices. She always takes care to explain the effect of the various positions and her patience is golden in encouraging her students to achieve excellence. I always leave feeling the session was too short but amazed at the intensity & lasting positive effects of the 1 hour practices.
Another plus with Om Shanti is the variety of instructors we are exposed to from time to time – each one brings a different style & technique to share – all good. The recent Reiki was great & hope we see Lorraine again soon!
As we move to more awareness of our natural & ‘green’ environments & the importance to preserve, the best way to start is by natural healing & awareness of our own physical states. Thank you Om Shanti!”

 ∼ Sue Vega Marshalleck

“During the past five months, I have been fortunate to practice yoga with a great instructor in the person of Michelle Williams of Om Shanti. When I first started, I was skeptical as to whether I could even begin to do the poses, considering my age and medical constraints, but from the very beginning I realized what a dedicated, knowledgeable and warm person she is. She makes one feel welcome, at ease and inspires you to practice yoga, even when not feeling well. I’ve noticed that Michelle is flexible enough to adjust her classes when necessary and she works the room to make everyone feel special in her own subtle way. Best of all, for me, she adjusts the poses that I am unable to do, so that I still gain the benefits. She loves what she is doing – and it shows – and we are lucky to have her as our instructor!”

 ∼ Crystal Vernon

“Yoga, you did it again. Thank you @omshantibelize for a beautiful session with lots of inversions – just what my body and head needed today, some time spent upside down for a total reset – a clean start and open mind to what the world has in store for me. I’m so utterly lucky to have Michelle here, don’t know what I’d do without you girl. That feeling of entering your studio sad and coming out happy – you do magic!

 ∼ Caroline Bach

“Revitalizing and intense… Amazing yoga sessions by Michelle. Feel connected to our inner being as they calm you down and then start the session which helps one to become flexible n reach our best potential by slowly showing us the technique of doing each and every pose. Keep up the good work!!! Always look forward to your classes.”

 ∼ Milan Hotchandani

When a close family member received a bad diagnosis, I decided to contact Michelle at the Om Shanti Center. She opened her heart and all that the center offers to our family and was very supportive in so many ways. Between the relaxing and healing Reiki sessions that she offers, and the peaceful energy you feel just walking into the center, and referrals to other healers at Om Shanti like Jaen who does reflexology, we found the help and support we needed to get us through this time. I am forever grateful to the Om Shanti Center and highly recommend it as support to anyone dealing with any kind of health issue. Belize is very fortunate to have such a wonderful place right in Belize City

 ∼ Jane Mackler

“Great Teacher – I feel different, relaxed, full of energy and looks forward to the next class.”

 ∼ Elenita Phillips

Very good teacher- patient, thorough and very helpful.

 ∼ Marion Slusher

“Michelle is very clear and gentle in her approach. Takes time to correct . She makes you feel comfortable. Patient.”

 ∼ Carol Reich

I’m ever so thankful to have been introduced to Yoga!!! Here at Om Shanti Yoga we have remarkable instructors!!! Thanks Michelle, for making me stronger in my practice.

 ∼ Francis Salam

“Enjoy experiencing the various yoga practices the Center offers and love the community involvement.”

 ∼ Florence Goldson

My first yoga classes ever…Love everything about it! The hot yoga & juices/smoothies are amazing!!! Highly recommended!

 ∼ Kristen Quan

“Michelle’s yoga class is a great combination of physical and mental yoga practice. I enjoy her classes very much, always feeling rejuvenated at the end. I appreciate her patience with everyone’s different abilities in the class, yet striving to add more challenging poses as the classes happen.”

 ∼ Carolina Dominguez